From Yours Truly to the Bottom of My Heart

From Yours Truly to the Bottom of My Heart

Is it funny or is it sad
that a once resonant lyric
(like crawlinginmyskin, or
warbled from experience
compounded by fame
and sold down the line
to youth can be mistaken for
mutual understanding?
A child’s bubble mind
nodding its I Knows
when maybe (determined by
an incomparable acuteness
of vision) there is no knowing
in isolation, only I-Still-Know
once years have passed
and the false camaraderie of
I SO KNOW has fallen
out of currency.
Maybe only the unwilling
expression of freefalling
like a too-taught rubber band
snapped from the place of We Knew**
**(or from point A or B
depending on the trajectory
of your comings and goings
from this once resonant lyric,
but please please please
try to see that point as NOW,
like then and another then placed
side by side on each flap of a
folded-in-half birthday card
so that they’re touching one another,
as close or as far apart as you please,
but never too far apart as not
to see them both at once because
the paper is only as big as it should be,
which is certainly never bigger
than you’re able to hold
in hands or gaze, and I mean that
all the way from Yours to the Bottom)
to the sobbing place
of If without and Then to follow
is what the lyric actually was
to begin with… anyhow,
maybe a blast from the past
is merely an echo fashioned
into a bullet by individual circumstance:
a trigger pulled only when
it has run out of novel experiences
to serve as camouflage and therefore
must mute its wary captives
or else risk being exposed
as the enabler of an artistic thievery
that every victim of inspiration
must reconcile with… Perhaps that is why
that monkey on television nowadays
teaching kids about Spanish and Kindness
has decided to wear boots
and also call himself boots
in reference to his highly visible
and unmistakable yet arbitrary
footwear – it seems that far too often
have metaphors been elucidating
without the ability to act
like men with conscience, who have learned
to lurk far enough below or behind
to avoid the possibility of a future recognition
that is too-far removed from where
they first met our I Knows
for personal comfort or coherence.

PS – wouldn’t it be nice if it were
simply so funny that we cry
until we forget why its funny,
and only when we are tricked
into sadness by forgetfulness
then saved by re-remembrance
does it become perpetually beautiful….

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3 Responses to From Yours Truly to the Bottom of My Heart

  1. mary ann brody says:

    If only life were as simple as never fogetting to send a birthday card …. but maybe it is that simple and those of us who consider ourselves to be wise who believe a birthday card can be replaced by a phone call or an e-mal or a tweet …. do not acknowledge the real meaning of the card in the first place and that someday someone that we love will grab the “birthday card box” and only then notice the absence of the “card”

    I plead guilty … so to everyone who I love and have deserved a memorial from me … i acknowledge my failure and seek to be forgiven …. for as trite as it sounds and much evidence to the contrary … i do love you with all my heart …

    so happy past birthdays …. and those random ones in the future thich I am certain will be forgotten in spite of all good intention .. i wish you a very happy birthday(s)

  2. Shannon says:

    “maybe a blast from the past
    is merely an echo fashioned
    into a bullet by individual circumstance:”

    How are we to know what others are knowing unless they break it down or build it up or crumple up the sights sounds and feelings they felt and throw it in the faces of others who may or may not get the slightest gist of what it means to be on that side of the green green pasture?

    Anyhow. You’re stuff’s good.

    • jinlushslush7 says:

      I think much of what we experience is more like experience’s second cousin once removed, thanks to how well we “share”.

      Thank you for reading 🙂

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